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Tonight’s Shift’s... The Ghost Busters deal with this kind of thing as well right?

Superstition! A believe in the supernatural, and unknown that cannot be explained by the Google. But by the all knowing fortune cookie, or the second one you crack open. Or it could be just bad Karma brah.

Like this cold(or flu not sure...) I just woke up to.

So I am sure this was a busy weekend, and lots of catching up with the relatives. All that got me thinking on how dear o’l nana has all these old belief from the old country about ghost, demons, jungle monsters, and Santa. And if I am one of those people who believes in all those omen, and creepy stuff that happen out of the middle of nowhere.


Well somewhat.

Karma, or at least how people come to misinterpreted as “You get whats coming to you” or something of that nature. Like if you are an colossal asshole, then surely you will get what coming to you, and be humbled by it. While doing good gains you nothing, because as one wise man once said ”Why don’t you give someone else a chance?


Well maybe is the incoming fever talking, but will cut it at that.

  • So TAYjams are any of yous superstitious? Believe in luck? Are blessed with bad luck? Have telekinesis, and bend spoons? Or have an alternative spin on things?


Well, as always feel free to ignore the topic, and talk about whatever you want below. Be games, life, ghost busting, food, omens, and whatever your heart desires.


Somewhere in this pic is a metaphor for Kinja...


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