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I've had the hardest problem with indecision lately. It seems like in any game that nudges you towards picking a main character or class, be it an MMO or a fighting game, I just can't seem to dedicate myself to one character. In part, I think it's because there's a feeling like I'm missing out on part of the game if I do that, and I'm always concerned that there may be something better out there for me if I don't explore my options thoroughly.


The only reason I bring it up, of course, is because it happened in Hyrule Warriors and Smash Brothers these past couple of weeks. It definitely makes me worry what I'm going to do for any of the fighting games in the future—Grod help me whenever it comes time to pick a certain weapon to use in Bayonetta 2 or even a certain class to focus on in Fantasy Life.

My body is not ready. If only there was some sort of character I could focus on in every situation that was like the embodiment of everyone else...

Anyway, enough about that—it's open discussion tonight! Feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday Graveyard shift is now open!


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