I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So... this was the look that my dog Ein has been giving me for pretty much the entire day. For what it’s worth, Ein has been exceptionally clingy lately. Don’t get me wrong—it’s super cute and all, but it’s just not normally how he acts. It would almost make me worry, but all of my worries are being drowned out by my encouraging him to keep being adorable.


As an example, I got him a nice-ish bed for him so he sleep on the floor a few months back. He adores it and everything, and if he ever wants to take a nap that’s not on someone’s feet, it’s usually in that bed. It especially comes in handy for the times when he is supposed to be out in the main portion of the house rather than in my bedroom—like when I’m trying to sleep.

Well, in the middle of the night last night, I got up to get a glass of water, and on the way back, I realized that his bed was quite a bit closer to my room than it was before. It was a couple of feet closer, at least, to the point where it was now a little awkward to get into my room over it. Normally, I’d think I did it accidentally on my way to go get water, but if I hit it on my way out, I would’ve knocked it away from my bedroom. Plus, he was curled up in it, happy as can be, and he usually seems at least a little confused if someone else moves his bed.

I totally would have written it off as an accident, but when I started playing Peace Walker this afternoon, he was snoozing pretty heavily by my feet. I got up to go stretch and take a break, and he followed me about halfway across the house, then kind of gave up and started snoozing again. I passed him on my way back and started playing Peace Walker again, but the moment he realized I was no longer out with him, he jumped up higher than I’ve ever seen him do from a state of rest and scurried over to my chair—only to fall asleep again after a few minutes.

Maybe Ein is having a rough night life that I’m just not aware of and it’s making all sorts of bad sleeping habits. I have caught him barking in his sleep lately.


Oh well, tonight’s topic is open—so feel free to talk about whatever. Bonus points if you have any cute animal stories to share (sans giraffes). If you don’t post, I’m just going to assume you’re taking a moment of silence in recognition of all the deals that could not make it to the Amazon Prime sale this evening. But yeah, otherwise, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday Graveyard Shift is now open!

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