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I’ve been struggling to write this post for hours, it appears that I simply forgot how to GS. Or maybe it’s because I’m just too damn tired, yesterday (Tuesday). You may be wondering why, well take a cookie and a glass of milk, sit around me, while I tell you my story (or you can just skip to the pictures)...

I woke up at 3AM and decided to finish what I started ten days ago. On my flight from Miami to Denver I started playing Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and yesterday I was on the brink on unfolding the truth behind Labyrinthia.

I finished the game and as soon as the credits rolled in I found myself on the light rail towards downtown Denver (I was staying with some relatives that live in the suburbs). It was my last day in the city so me and my brother decided to visit the last few breweries and other food joints we missed during the previous week (of the ten or so days I spent in Colorado, at least five of them were ruined by torrential rain).


Oh... and did I mention we got snowed in? ^^ that was pretty cool, but it also ruined my visit to the Air Force Academy. Thwomp Thwomp.

Anyway after going all over the city, trying a few more beers and eating the wrong food at the wrong places (Mexican food at the Japanese square), logic states that one should be exhausted, and rightly so, we headed up to one of my favorite spots of the city to get a bit more of my favorite sweet treat.


If you ever go to Denver there are two things you should never miss, one of them are the breweries and the other one is Little Man Ice Cream, try the Space Junkie flavor, you’ll be thankful you did (unless you don’t like black raspberries, mixed with brownies and marshmallow fluff).

We returned home to finish packing up and that’s when I started feeling a bit woozy, I tried to lay down but my little cousin wanted to play with me, being my last day with them I couldn’t refuse. Before I realized it was time to head down to the airport.


If you didn’t know, Denver International Airport is quite the peculiar place, riddled with conspiracy theories and the most bizarre murals I’ve seen in my whole life, you should dedicate some of your time when visiting the airport. From Gargoyles adorning the baggage claim carrousels, to art depicting the world’s end. By the time I was done checking the sights at DIA, we were set on boarding the plane, and well... I was tired and ready to get some deserved sleep.

But I hate airplanes, and was wide awake the whole trip.

Bleh... worst part is that as soon as I got home there were a bunch of things I had to take care of. Welcome back to Florida <3



Anyways, tonight is an Open Topic, I guess... since I cannot think of anything to let you peeps talk about... or maybe you can talk about your favorite vacation, or how much you hate airplanes.

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