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The Graveyard Shift: Positive Light Edition

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So, I had a good, quality topic to write about today that had popped into my head at like . . . 3:27 am? Yea, well, I forgot. I'd say I'm half-assing this Shift, BUT, I'm having a wonderful day and figured I may as well share that happiness with you bunch ^^ So, today's Shift is about finding something nice or cool that happened in your day, and share it with the others. It can be anything really. From finding a $5 bill on the ground, or maybe getting the cute girl in the class smile at you. I've had sandwiches make my day before, so anything's fair game, really ^^ And that's why I'm starting this off with a picture of Jonesy in his shark hoodie >:D


Well, first off, I had like, zero sleep last night due to him, and was kinda grouchy all morning. Then, I eventually shook off my lethargy in favor of some good ol' grocery shopping. And, dunno why, but it's really really nice out today. All windy and carefree ^^ I guess that's what kinda got my day going. But what really made me smile and just feel good all around, was getting my Vale Of Pnath shirt in the mail, and reading their heartfelt thank you note, signed by the whole band ^^

It's not the greatest design (Although it is a white shirt. Something I'd appreciate a little more from band shirts in the Arizona heat >.>), but it's the only one they have available still, and as long as I get to support these great musicians, Iunreally mind. Especially since they're techy as fuck \m/ So having them send a little thank you note was nice ^^ Finally, I ran into Anup Sastry's (Yes, that's the name) new EP and just can't stop listening to all its Djenty goodness >:D So here ya go~

And some more instrumental proggy stuff, cause I'm in a good, sharing mood today ^^

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