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The Graveyard Shift: Pre-Christmas Edition!

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Hello Hello my fellow TAYters Tots, Tottetes and Furbys! How are all ya doing? Well first of all Merry Christmas ^.^ Hope y'all having a good time today, whether it's with the family, the husbandos/waifus, friends or just you and a big plate full of delicious food! Over here we celebrate Christmas from 8PM on Christmas Eve and continue the celebration until our brains shut themselves down, normally that happens around Noon in the 25th! At midnight we put a pause to the gluttony to open and exchange gifts!

What are your favourites holiday traditions? Do you wait until the morning of the 25th to open the gifts? Do you gather in front of the TV and watch movies? Or do you indulge yourselves with a cup of delicious hot Chocolate?


I was thinking of proposing a new HoliTAY tradition where we talk about our experiences during this special time of the year... like when I saw a shooting star in the night sky and got super scared cause I really didn't know why the sky was moving so fast! It turned out to be a flare... yeah kid me used to be a big coward!


Do you have any funny tales from the past?

Anyhoo those are my two topics for tonight! Choose one or both or just talk about anything ^.^ I'll keep an eye on the shift between my meals :3 Once again Merry Christmas my dear friends, best wishes from Casa de Nach!


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