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The Graveyard Shift: "Prepare To Die" Edition

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So, Dark Soulsh. Although at first I had my doubts, and was even a bit pissy about some of the changes (No more soul grinding a la Dark Souls kinda irked me a bit. As well as the durability of weapons early on.), I gotta say, I love the game. Maybe even more than Dark Souls. And I've spent a good deal of the game helping out others with bosses. And well, I think the co-op system is definitely improved. After a while of wrestling with it, I finally managed to get some jolly co-op time with Neryl, and helped her out a little. Although somewhat limited and tricky, the co-op's pretty satisfying. I've earned a great deal of souls that way, and gotten tons of useful items by trading in the stones you earn to the crows. So, TAYers, any cool stories from the game? :D

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