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The Graveyard Shift - Procrastinating

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I spent most of the time in private view on kinja, since I follow many gawker media sites while I pretend to work. I also use Feedly to get an unlimited overdose of the internets anytime I feel like.


At the moment I write this, my productive morning has been as follows:

As you can see, I make my check well worth it on the company I work in.

Its amazing how one can procrastinate and then on Fridays do some actual work and it all progresses fine...at least for me. Not that I'm happy with my current job, in fact they just hired me for a new supposed to be better one, I wonder if sooner or later it will turn to this graph again.


My private view on kinja is composed of the following sites:

  • Jalopink (I don't like cars, but they post nice crash videos)
  • sploid (this you must follow)
  • kotaku (I go there sometimes...)
  • lifehacker (I hack time...so...)
  • hackerspace (Lifehackes equivalent to TAY)
  • screenburn (gifs, screenshots, not blocked on my office...)

There are other blogs and sub blogs I follow, but I can't remember...

How do you procrastinate? what other Gawker media websites do you follow?

Also today I learned what a Western Blot Transfer is. Aikage teached me, he works on mice!!


and Morie explained to me what a Freudian slip was.

I'm learning so much!

I give you...LINKS!!!!!

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