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The Graveyard Shift *PS4 Based Absentee Edition*

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Hi all! I’m your host this evening, the fabulous Fyst! I’m currently at home playing PS4 (specifically Killzone right now, but I’ll most likely be hopping between that and NBA 2K14 and maybe some Resogun or Blacklight, wooo options!) So I’ll be a little more absent than usual tonight, I’ll still be checking in and hanging out between levels to give my impressions of the system, the controller, the games I’ve been playing and discussing the evening’s topics, really I’m not abandoning you guys I swear!

I had a great weekend last weekend, I went into the city and met Nach, Swansie, UI, and Zarnyx for a showing of Thor: The Dark World, it was a rousing good time, too bad I had to dart in for the movie and then leave just as quickly because of the way the train schedule worked out that day. Everybody was super cool, including the hipster (who turned out to be not as hipster as I thought! unless he was trying to trick me >.>) It was really nice to be able to put a face to some of the other folks here on TAY rather than just Zyx and UI, although seeing them again was awesome too! Wish I could stay longer guys! (Still jealous about Ippudo though >.<)

I saw Ender’s game last weekend and I really enjoyed it, it seemed pretty faithful to the book for the most part, obviously they glossed over parts, but it conveyed the general message and tone very well. It made me want to go back and read the source material again, it got me thinking about other movies that have made me want to do this, has this ever happened to you?


One of the things that have been floating around the last two days on the big gaming sites (and a tayclassic post by _AFI) are the tweets that have been going back and forth between Sony reps and Microsoft reps, and surprisingly they’ve been extremely civil and even congratulatory. I personally love this and hope the kindness spreads! What do you guys think, and should it rub off on gamers?


Oh so don’t feel like you have to talk about any of these topics, please just TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

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