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Tonight shift’s... Time to Hoard Candy

Hey citayzens, if you haven’t noticed(or left your house ya neet) stores have already set up all with the Halloween spooky stuff. And couldn’t shake the feel that every year its sooner and than the last. So hopefully one day, if my half-ass calculations are correct, Halloween season will be all year around.


If that where the case...

  • Do you enjoy this time of the year that’s coming up? Or loathe it since you have to share your candy treasure with some punks?
  • Or how would you survive in this new apocalyptic Halloween like horror hell space world where people dress up like monsters, gore on the street, much lust, and cavities?

But anyways, as always.

You can ignore my rambling, and talk about whatever you like below. Be food, life, games, vent, and that thing you did today.



Edit: Couldn’t find anything w/ pumpkins so here is this.


“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for your tooth ache”

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