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Tonight's Shift... Just Drive

Hey Taytertops! Tonight I have a double topic for yous, sorta ^^; Since the first part has to do a bit with Kazunori Yamauchi back in 1992. That is when he set out to develop the driving game he dreamed of creating, with the help of 7 other devs. So it is heartwarming to think about the driving force behind all those days they must have gone through to make it happen(I believe there is a film about it), and it finality. Especially with such a small team, and hurdles they must have had to overcome to make it happen. And in just 5 years Grand Turismo(1997) came out. So it is a nice follow your dream story behing a well known series.


But now there a quite a number of driving series, and so I am wondering if anyone has any particular favorite ones?( Blue shell are totally legit) Or has nice stories they came across on the development of their favorite game in general. Well whatever you choose to pursue, feel free to chat about 4D life, 2d romance, and game meetings below. SO TALKS AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Driven To Dream

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