What’s up TAY? I’m pretty miffed right now. It’s been a rough one. Pull up a chair and let’s have a little late-night rant.

So, I was at the hospital today for my mom. The same hospital I was born many moons ago, the same that my mom has sworn by pretty much my entire existence. I am here to complain that today has just been aggravating to the point of nearly tearing my hair out. Hospital visits are stressful to be sure, but the lack of care provided is staggering. Nurses are now argumentative and rude, and there’s nary a true doctor in sight, mere “practitioner assistants” (These are somehow different than nurses.) I watched, or rather listened to the first nurse clumsily stab at my mom’s arm with an iv needle as she complained about the pain only to be told “it’s a needle, it’s going to hurt.” As I turned into the room, I noticed the pin-cushion pattern on my mom’s arm. My mom’s pretty accustomed to the whole pain thing, being 72 with a pair of barely functional legs assisted by a cane, and myself for balance at times. I can’t be around all the time, and occasionally she will fall into objects by herself. but I digress. A second nurse accompanied her to the bathroom, begrudging her choice of career. There’s a lot of this in the room, as well as pretty much throughout the hospital. At this point, I’ve had maybe two hours of sleep, and am looking forward to most of the day at the hospital followed by 8 1/2 hours of working around sharp objects at night. I am not amused and my concept of justification is dwindling with my 12 oz red bull. A pair of nurses shuffle in, and are surprisingly pleasant. Apparently they hadn’t worked there long enough for overall stigma of patients, especially older patients being burdensome. For those of you overseas, this is not an uncommon occurrence in the states. a great deal of waiting after the pair leaves after taking a series of normal registration paperwork and standard admission testing. We got there at 8am. It’s now close to noon. the practitioner assistant comes in, shuffles me out, and takes blood and urine samples. My mom is promptly moved out of the curtained cove of a room, and I take the time to go smoke a cigarette and check in with work, to notify them of the situation, as well as give notice that I probably wouldn’t be in today. I come back to the room after a stale bottle of sprite, feeling thelack of sleep. My mom’s still being tested, and it’s about 12:30 now. The blood and urine samples are still sitting in the same position on the tabletop as when I left. More waiting. I take a small nap juxtaposed against another flimsy plastic chair. My mom is wheeled back into the room, looking worse for the wear. At this point, we’re both exhausted. More waiting. It’s about 2:30, and i’m failing to keep my eyes open at this point. an official RN walks through the sheet, shuffling the excess chairs around, as another patient is wheeled into place behind the curtain separating the cove into 2 small “rooms”. He sounds as if he’s vomiting loudly, without pause. The RN informs my mom that the tests are overall inconclusive. Fucking great. About 9 hours wasted at this point. After being told this, my mom was given a pair of generic prescriptions for her condition, as well as a list of primary doctors that the hospital recommends, which my mom has already gone over with a fine tooth comb many times before. Not a whole lot of good prospects in that list if my mom’s look is any indication. She makes a cute joke about crossing out the sub-par doctors on the list and is met with a cold stare, followed by roughly removing the IV needle and leaving in a huff. At this point, I’m in a sleepy rage. If I didn’t have any sense of self control, I probably would’ve scolded the RN with some fairly colorful language about her shitty bedside manner. She rolls a wheelchair into the curtain, not the room and tells my mom to get dressed. She apparently picked the rustiest, crappiest wheelchair, because this one doesn’t even have working breaks. Oh, fuck you lady. I get my parking validated and get out of the hospital to find that my car is parked aside, the attendant leaving the keys in the ignition, telling me they wouldn’t come out. Even I in my sleepy stupor can evaluate that the car is in neutral, not park. The key has become visibly dented in the ignition. Another fucking thing I should’ve and would’ve given hell for if I wasn’t so tired. I carefully assist my mom into the passenger seat. The attendant holds his hand out for a tip. I see it and immediately flip him off, telling him about the key. He hesitantly moves, as I get in the car. He yells at me that tips are mandatory for valet parking. Never going there again.

Whew. that was a lot of writing. So question time. Have you ever had an experience of similar aggravation? If so, let your voice be heard, let us be the night when we anonymously damn the fuckers who constantly let us down when we need it. Fuck abington hospital and their snooty pseudo-doctors. fuck privatized care and their need to make a quick buck. and lastly, fuck anybody in general who would treat another human being as just a quick way to sneakily avoid work, especially in the goddamn medical field.

or talk amongst yourselves. I’m going to bed.