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The Graveyard Shift *Reasons Edition - For Shits & Giggles

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Hey fellow TAY Kwon Do masters, and welcome to the Graveyard Shift. The late night Open Forum.

Ahhh didn't dig anything up tonight...

Tonight's Shift...For Shits & Giggles

Yes, two reasons on why we actually play to an extend... just below the experience, eye candy, stress relief, and reasons.

So been playing some old Gundam games, and just started to mess around. Had some screen caps but for some reason, just for shits and giggles something stupid happened.

Luckily fellow internet natives share in the same interest of kicking a BALL with a Big Zam.


Not talking about trolling since that tends to ruin it for the rest (that would be another topic). More towards when you get the chance to save the colony but you just end up dropping it on earth. You know, for shits and giggles :3


But anyways what do you guys do for shits and giggles once you're done with the story or just want to mess around in a game? Do you go with all the crazy options? Max out one stat? Or would you rather ignore this short rambling, and talk about your awesome or nightmarish day you been having , video game accomplishments or whatever? Either way TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, your finals being awful hard, writers block, silly hands symdrome, and THAT THING!


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