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I love Ghostbusters, that's a fact. I love the first one, the second one, and the game (it's basically Ghostbusters 3). And it saddens me that the more I hear about this reboot, the more I wish the dream for another Ghostbusters movie rested with Harold Ramis.

Most reboots are terrible, and the casting choice tells me the reboot will most likely be so far off from the original (Total Recall, Robocop) where it mind as well be another movie or they'll try to emulate what made the original special but be totally off mark. None of the current cast for the Ghostbusters reboot seem to match the level of dry humor and wit that Harold Ramis puts on or pull off the charm that Bill Murray exhibits.


Also, the new Fantastic Four reboot doesn't fill me with hope either. Dark, nitty gritty, and blogger Doom. A recipe for success right there.

So tonight's topic: Reboots, you can talk about ones that you thought were great, were terrible, or anything.