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The Graveyard Shift- "Requesting Back Up!" Edition

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Hey everyone! So, how've everyone tonight? I just came out of exams today, finally, and boy does that feel great. *sigh* It's certainly great to no longer have so much stuff to do, and no longer having to deal with the extra stress, huh? So, to make up for those last few dark days, I've been listening to Nekrogoblikon all day. Heh, I know, I know "TUT, stahp! No more metal! Shush! We don't want you here!", and I can't necessarily blame you guys. But . . . This band is so spazzy and cheery, I just can't not be ecstatic about it. Besides, we all cope in different ways, right? Me, I like listening to fast, moshy music after the storm. What about you guys? How do you guys party after a load of work or any stressful situations? Oh, and before I leave you guys to talk amongst yourselves, I'll be sure to leave this here ^^

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