Welcome to the Graveyard Shift.

Hey everyone. You guys haven't forgotten about me, right? I mean, I've technically haven't been here in a while . . . H-hehe . . . No? Don't recognize me? Oh well . . I'm TheUnfathomableTruth. I shall now be hosting the Graveyard Shifts on Thursdays, and maybe other days, depending on what goes on in the future . . . And yea, I didn't have a better picture to show, alright? So what? It's a cool-looking mummy, it's not hurting anyone, now is it? As opposed to, say . . . THE PIANO FROM MARIO 64

I'll admit, this thing made me jump the first time I went through this game. It was vastly unexpected, and honestly, quite intimidating. And, I'm like 85% sure we've talked about this before, but, what are your most memorable scares in a video game that totally wasn't meant to happen? And by that I mean, things that ended up being creepy or scary that were intended to be innocent and kind. Me? I hate the City In The Sky part of Twilight Princess . . . It's just . . . Eegh. It's unnerving. I mean, damn, listen to this

Isn't it ominous??? Aren't they just creepy? Those voices . . . They're a lot less nicer than the ones in my head . . . I think I need to take a break, guys . . . Be right back, gonna get ribs. Ribs are good.