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​The Graveyard Shift - Returning

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I'm going to start right off by saying I don't know how many of you ever played Guild Wars 2 or ever bothered following it, regardless of whether or not you played it, but one of the biggest complaints people had was about ArenaNet (the developing team) not seeming interested in doing expansion packs. Since expansion packs were exactly what kept a lot of people returning to the first Guild Wars game, it seemed odd that they would have gone for so long without one. People got flustered and thought that they were just never going to put out an expansion—that is, until a few days ago. Guild Wars 2 hinted strongly at an expansion, and now quite a few people are coming back just to see how much the game has developed since they took a break from the game.


Some of my old guildmates are included in this category. Suddenly I was getting tons of messages about how the game had rotated the inactive guild members (including the guild leader) and how I was randomly picked as the new guild leader. I patched the game, tried to get that whole mess sorted out, and then... kind of started to play again.

I looked around at what had changed, both cosmetically and gameplay wise. Saw some of the new abilities, some of the unfamiliar buffs and nerfs with some of the classes. I was pretty interested, but the more and more I looked into it, I just kind of got burned out on it. It wasn't helping that my internet was disconnecting me from the server, either.

So, basically, the question for tonight's shift is: when you've returned to a game, either an old favorite, an MMO, or just something in your backlog, have you ever got burned out on just trying to refamiliarize yourself with the system? Do you typically slip right back into the swing of things, or tend to struggle more than you'd think? Any specific examples—ones that you're proud or ashamed of? Talk about it down below.

But, of course, if none of this interests you, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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