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Tonight’s topic: The Robotic Uprising Cometh!

For those who haven’t seen it already:

Yep. It’s happening, and soon there will be nothing to do to stop them! Robots have invaded our everyday lives. That phone in your pocket is evil! The games you play even predict the inevitable! I’m looking at you Fallout 4: Automatron!


Throw down your weapons and bring on the booze and hookers and blackjack, to pay respect to our mighty robots masters! PRAISE THE METAL LORDS! Those who resist the uprising will have to face the mighty Gort and Super King!

How would you like to pay respect to our new Metal Lords?! Or are you a rebel and wish to fight them? If so, how would you do such a thing?

Is this just a mad rambling of an insane person? Not scared of the incoming uprising? Then talk amongst yourselves, the Graveyard Shift is open!


Soundtracks of the night: Metal Lord songs!

Mr. Roboto - Styx:

Rock It- Herbie Hancock

In Repair - Our Lady Peace

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