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Tonight's Shift... >_ERROR

Because you can't spell terror without error!

Hey there TAY! It's another hot or cold monday night (or morning for you future folk). But that wouldn't be an inconvenience to our cold, bloodless, and shiny mechanical overlords so stop complaining...


Yes, robot! They been in the rise for decades now. Taking over the role of a progressive clergy, becoming real life kaiju saviors that we don't deserve, stealing what we do best, and becoming your cool hip friend with his taste in music...

Soon (in a x number of decades) we wouldn't be necessary... or so you would think. So let me remind you that to the machines we are as delicious as bacon. Good news we are needed , bad news, we are needed as bi fuel...

But it gonna be a long time till then, so lets drive up our karma by having then servie us for now, and enjoy the ride.

  • The topic is just robotics in general. Looking forward to your robot pal? Servant? Husbano/wifu....? Or just how society is getting automated or looking forward to? No? Okay.

Well whatever it is, feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about games, life, or robotics below.


Ode to our merciful future overlords...

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for tasting like bacon, and being so delicious!"


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