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The Graveyard Shift *Role play Edition - Bear With Me

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Tonight’s Shift’s... DnD!

Well sort of...

So while I was dying from some sort of sickness (I ain’t no doctor), I got hooked into the DnD Acquisition Incorporated at Pax Prime games. Notably because of all that pageantry, anticlimactic intro, and the hilarity that ensues.


The epitome of nerdom. But you’re wandering what does DovaBear has to do with this.


Well went back Skyrim to do just that, some role playing with some new created characters. A wizard, a thief, and a crazy warrior.

All in the order of serious play, semi-serious, and fuck everything.

So the topic for tonight is...

How ofter do you throw away the main character and just make up your own story? Do you role play often in certain games? Do you let your alter ego come out and play once in a while guns blazing? Or just share (if you got one) your ‘original character’ with us. Or not....


If that ain’t your thing, as always feel free to ignore the topic, and talk about life, games and whatever your adventurous knee would do if it did not have gotten hit by an arrow.


Ahhh the glitches, can’t play without some glitches....

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for [insert yo’ mama joke]!”

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