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Tonight's Shift... Then fighting Characters!

Hello all! As you can see, its a fighting topic or sorts, just what you need after a long day slaving at the acid mines right? ^^;

Decided to get Marvel vs. Capcom 3 instead of Street Fighter X Tekken a few days ago. We (bro and friend) regretted and went back the next day to exchanged it for the latter. Sorry no curly mustaches.... Why though? The characters! Yes, we actaully are a bigger fans of the Street fighters and Tekken brawlers. And OMG! the move set is the same as it was for alpha for the SF fighters! Rolento plays the same ..... <3

Fellow FIGHTING TAYERS OF THE WORLD! Have you ever felt disappointed that your favorite brawler never made into the roster? If not, who is your tag team dream fighting team? Fighting in general? Who floats like a butteries, and strikes like a sadist? *cough*Juri*cough* But as always, feel free to throw in the towel, and share you past or to be glories, be life or gaming. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Beep boop boop!

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for your fighting insomnia!"