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Hey guys sorry for the delay on the TAYVEYARD this week, I'm going super nuts with a whole bunch of different stuff in school and work, so therefore this is going to be an interesting experience! I'm going to be updating this post as I write here from 10pm onward until it's finished! So it's almost a live Graveyard Shift? (heh). Sorry again for the delay.

The title actually refers to more than just the live nature of tonight's Graveyard Shift. I'm actually in the middle of working on my final project for artificial intelligence. I decided to make a simulation of a game based on Fire Emblem really loosely. I'm working in Java with the Slick2D library for anyone curious. I'm hitting a snag in the code again, I posted about this yesterday, but it's a topic worth talking about on the shift. Have you ever gotten to a point in a project where you're just utterly stuck? It usually takes me a night or so to get myself unstuck and moving again. Tonight's a minor stick and I should be good to go tomorrow morning so I'm not too worried.

Yay Code!

Game so far!

It also made me think about the nature of procrastination. I didn't start this sucker until Monday of this week! So I feel a little bad about it. The thing is, we got the assignment a few weeks back, but I just kept pushing it off, I had the general idea of how the code would work so I figured it wouldn't be that hard to just implement it in the last week or so! I was wrong and now it's getting down to crunch time! ouch. >.< What are you guys bad about procrastinating with?


In other non school related topics, I've been playing the death out of Assassin's Creed 4 on the PS4 and I've found that I have total Collectible OCD. It's ridiculous, I can't leave a map icon alone in that game. And it's made so much worse by the touch button on the new dualshock, because it automatically brings up the map without menu navigation making it super easy to just want to hunt collectibles. I'm 35% through the story and 25 hours in for goodness sake! Anybody else have Collectible OCD?


Also, be sure to check out some of TAY's fantastic features, such as:

Also, be sure to check out some of TAY's fantastic features, such as: The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your anytime procrastination, sudden fabulousness, moderate toiletlaptopsyndrome, cloudy hue, super psycho-hazards, and the overwhelming sense of ::swoon::

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