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So I was checking the Ubisoft sale on Steam this morning, wondering if there was anything compatible with my Mac, and hopefully rudimentary enough to run on it as well . . . There was Assassin's Creed II, and that was it. Oh well. I'm used to that type of rejection. "Well, it's something", I thought. I had tons of fun with Brotherhood, and even the first one, but somehow I skipped out on II, and figured I should give it a chance. It was when I was recollecting my experiences with Assassin's Creed that I thought ". . . But I'm only gonna treat it as a ninja sim, and nothing else. Nope. Not getting into the story again. Nope".

Ah, Assassin's Creed. I used to love this game, and was really mad with myself for not getting into it any sooner. I had a field day with Brotherhood and Revelations, and have tons of fond memories of being stupid on rooftops, being chased around Rome . . . And then III happened. For some reason, I just couldn't get into III when it came out. It's a shame, really. I'm sure I've missed out, but after III it was just . . . really really hard for me to get back into the series. Black Flag came out, and I gave it a shot, and was promptly ignored. (Although I really wanna give it another try whenever I can, if only to actually skip the whole intro section and pretend to be a pirate.). But yea . . . I'm still kinda burned by Assassin's Creed. SO, I was thinking. Usually, in games, sequels tend to improve upon the earlier titles. We get tons of new gimmicks and cool new features, so usually that's enough to keep us entertained and busy. But there's definitely times where it just . . . feels different, and maybe a sequel doesn't deliver (I get the feeling Halo 4 is like that, from what I've heard). I know for a fact Assassin's Creed feels different enough to keep me skeptical now, but what about you guys? Any series that feel off or left you burnt after so long?

Also . . . If you're wondering about the image . . . I'm starving right now >.> SHUSH