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It’s becoming a growing trend for game developers to find creative ways to shame their players that break the “rules” for multiplayer games. Just a couple of months ago, we heard about Mortal Kombat X implementing “Quitalities” for rage-quitters, forcing their heads to explode if they quit the match early. It’s a pretty effective way at humiliating players who didn’t want to take the loss—but it doesn’t seem to make them actually have to deal with the embarrassment itself.

Guild Wars has had a lot more luck with this. If I recall correctly, when you were banned in the first game, Grenth, the god of death, would swoop down and kill you outright no matter where you were. Typically this was in a town, so everyone would immediately know you were a big dumb cheater of some description. In Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet recently had an issue with an cheater, and so they took control of his character, where he was promptly stripped, killed, and deleted. Then they banned the account.


The most recent example of this is in Daybreak Game Company’s free-to-play DayZ clone, H1Z1, where players who are caught cheating have the option to get their account back—but only if they make a public apology and post it on YouTube. The video cannot be private, and it has to be addressed to the player community at large rather than the developers themselves. They already had an issue with a cheater who, after having his account re-instated, made the video private. Daybreak Game Company has stated that they are looking to re-ban him for doing so, as he is not properly carrying out his punishment.


So, as odd as it sounds, that’s what we’re going to be talking about in tonight’s Graveyard Shift: punishment and shame. Are you for it or against it in gaming? Are there any other ideas you could come up with for rampant cheating in titles like this? Maybe you have some interesting stories about punishments you’ve seen, delivered, or were on the wrong end of? Talk about it down below.

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