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The Graveyard Shift: "Shape Shifter" Edition

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So, I just barely caught on to the fact that the Fifth Of November was yesterday. I don't have a Facebook, so I don't have thousands of "friend" reminding me about these things. And well, just as a lot of other people, I have no real reason to make that day special. Honestly, I've sorta used it as a day to sit down, watch V For Vendetta, and then piggy back from that onto other movies I watch once a year, like the Jurassic Parks. It's sorta like how I watch the LOTR trilogy on Christmas, or play the entire Resident Evil series in October (Which is something I totally failed in doing this year). Really, they're just mostly meaningless days where I just do whatever I want for the sake of having fun.

I guess part of it stems from the fact that I'm really not that festive, nationalistic or much of a proud idealist to really participate in any of these. Quite the contrary, actually. Holidays are fun, and I get an excuse to not do stuff that day, but it also sucks when the whole world shuts down for that same reason. And nothing sucks more than needing medical attention on a holiday where everything's closed for the day. I guess that's the other reason why I celebrate things my way. I'll still attend parties and events, of course. I'm not that boring. But I'm definitely more content with watching Signs (The only alien movie I'll watch occasionally) than going out shopping on Black Friday (I'll go out for donuts that day, though). So, what about you guys? Have any holidays you celebrate with your own twist, or not at all? Or celebrate despite not really having a reason to?

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