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The Graveyard Shift: So you're telling me you can shoot lighting out of your hands for no reason?

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Art by thelombax51 @ DevianART

Ciao people! How's everyone doing on this lovely Tuesday? Me... well apart from pushing myself to the limit to win as many points for the Light Brigadiers as I can, and to be honest it's been exhausting, Just know I came back from my third 60+ minutes running session in the last 24 hours, I think it's time I slow down before I break my legs =/ anyhoo... talking about limits that's our topic for the night! But first... let's look at our TAY Selects for today:


So our topic for tonight is all about limits... ermm actually Limit Breaks! You know those abilities that seem to exceed the skills of your character, obviously they are native to the FF universe, but most RPGs have some mechanic similar to these, so disregarding whether it's a Limit Break or not, which is your favorite attack from any RPG? Mine... actually it's a difficult question to answer, I would like to go for any from Earthbound but to be honest... the special attacks from that game aren't that special!

So not a special abilty, more like a gimmick instead, but I loved the Audience from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door! It was such a silly implementation that made the game much more entertaining and meta, I mean you're not fighting perse but performing in a play against these crazy yet funny enemies! The great thing was how the audience would participate and become part of the battle!


Plus look at them they all look so eager to be in the presence of such a magnificent play! Even Luigi is supporting his brother no matter how busy he's with his own adventure!


And that's about it... you could talk about the topic or not... or just y'know talk among yourselves ^.^

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