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Tonight's Shift... Then Bad News... or Good?

Hey there TAY...how long have you been standing there? Well anyways, how is everyone holding out this week? It already Wednesday, the most depressing day of the week according to some study.

Also some digs, check 'em out mang!

Well moving towards the topic of bad news or rather good news, it all depends on what side of the coin you are on.


Monster Hunting Tri (2009). If one thing I fondly remember is opening my PSP, taking out the copy of Monster Hunter Freedom, and passing it to my brother so he could load to the next zone. Yes, we only had one copy, but the Rathalos cared not for such lowly human problems.

I miss you soo much Bacon..

But even so, we yearned for more, and buying the PS2 version would not do. So you could imagine (maybe not) the joy that filled our young hearts when we got wind that Capcom was developing a console release for the current gen.


If you ever tried out the series is best to do so in a group, and getting killed as a group. So you could imagine (this you can..) just how disappointed (to put it really lightly) we, and probably some fans must have felt when it was switched over to the Wii.

The switch was due to cost, but this was probably the part where is good news to those who owned a Wii at the time. It sold pretty well, and introduced more folks to the franchise, and maybe it could see the release in the next-gen on multiple platforms...


Well anyways, is there some breaking news about a release that you where looking forward for, but ended up just crushing you? Do you sit, and wait for a remake of game that was awesome? Well I got some bad news for you....


Well what ever your case, feel free to ignore me, and chat about life, games, and what ever your hunting heart desires. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!


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