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Tonight shift’s... Places To Drown Out The World

Hey there! It that time of day again... wherever it is you are... Antartica?

Hmm that’s rough.

The weekend has once more come to an surprising end. And so we find ourselves in very familiar places were you either A)Labor Away B)Listen To A 3 Hour lecture or C) Are A Potato, and I am very sorry...


But let’s not talk about that, let talk or share, about places we want to go and drown (responsibly) our #FWP away. Or at least places we just enjoy going to once in a while. Like an Italian ice cream parlor that had the best ice cream my tongue had ever had the pleasure of tasting. They even had one of those “Get the 10th ice cream free” card thing going on. So made habit of going once in a while, then it shut down all of a sudden because we can’t have nice things.

  • So TAYams! Is there a particular place you’re fond of going? Restaurant? Arcade place? Amusement Park? Or do you prefer quite romantic walks to the fridge and a good book? Do tell, do tell..
  • Or maybe... is somewhere that you would like to go, but it’s not a real place? Maybe from one of your favorite franchises?

Welp, as always feel free to talk about anything, and ignore the topic like you had intended to. I won’t think any less of yous.


Edit: Much better.

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for having to shove it waaaayyy up there.”


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