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Tonight shift...The World Is A Mystery

Note: this was drafted on JUNE :0

A while back JBOD brought back the wonderful memory of great shows that might have been forgotten by some, and some not at all.


[This is the off-topic: TV Show that resonated a at our very young hearts for what ever reason]

But of course at one point or in 2011 everyone (maybe not every one) knows about The Adventures of TinTin, so besides anime (Gundam) this series truly sunk in early on. But for a whole other reason.


"My childhood was extremely ordinary. It happened in a very average place, with average events and average thoughts. For me, the poet's "green paradise" was rather gray... My childhood, my adolescence, Boy Scouting, military service – all of it was gray. Neither a sad boyhood nor a happy one – rather a lackluster one." ~Hergé

Now while writing about Hergé's TinTin. I did go in, and look at his life and works. So yes, there are controversies regarding his early works about racism, anti-Semitic, and accusations of collaboration with German government during the occupation of Belgium during the Second World War. But at the time it aired all this was but a blank.


Our station didn't provide much in terms of quality television (even now I cringe at what is local), but it had obtain TinTin in my native tongue, since book stores where non-existent or my parents where just jerks. So in the late 90s when I was still quite young and impressionable; when you could lie to me, it aired.

So why TinTin? Well, the world, for the most part of anyone's childhood it is a mystery. What the show brought to the living room (going to have a hard time describing this feeling...) aside from the regular curses by Captain Haddock, was a piece of the world. Now this little tid bit about the world resonated with me.

A young boy(or man) with his dog setting off to uncover the truth behind a murder, only to find a mystery at hand, that would lead to an even greater adventure. An ordinary message inside a model ship is the start of a treasure hunt under the sea. Escaping capture from a Latin American dictator. Exploring vast ruins of long lost civilization at gun point. Even blasting off into the unknown black void off space. All within a close parallel of our own world. There is danger and trouble at every corner. Ruthless, iron willed individuals, and with the same life or death decision. I want to see this world, our world.


I go back to Hergé extremely ordinary childhood. But then there was a boy with his white dog, and a wonderful cast of colorful characters. TinTin always under the watchful eyes of Thompson and Tompson, Prof. Calculus hard of hearing driving Cap. Haddock sea dog crazy, and Snowy's mischief. A show that could have made any Little boy or girl's childhood less ordinary, and extraordinary by giving then a small chuck of the world. And maybe, just maybe, they would grow up and see the world, and meet a wonderful interesting group of individual along the way.

The world is a mystery, and yet...

The Feels...

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Final though:You don't need to read this bit, is just to explain a bit of why I write stuff like this...
This was drafted on June, and was to expand on this a bit more to make it stand on its own. But I enjoyed it being at the Graveyard more, even if its rushed. Though it is supposed to be an Open forum, and will go ignored. It really is a joy to do this since I usually don't get a chance to do articles like this. But happy with how it is, and how it gives you all little night reading, although a short one ;P