I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome, once again, to our humble corner of woe. Where those of us with nocturnal habits may seek refuge. And where we'll be preparing a rather interesting feast tonight. What's on the menu, you ask? Quite simple: Creepypastas. Please, make yourself at home.


Alrighty! So once again, I, TheUnfathomableTruth, will be your host for the night. And well, given how it's somewhat rare for me to be able to host this particular post, I figured I may as well take advantage of the situation and post about something fun. You guys like creepypastas, right? I mean, who doesn't like to be scared every once in a while, right? Well, I'll admit, there was a time, not too long ago, when I practically had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was all part of a stupid challenge I took on with a friend. The point of the "game" was to see if we could last a whole month of listening to creepypastas, and see who got affected the least. There was no prize, aside from bragging rights, and maybe the satisfaction of knowing you're sleeping better than the other guy. And well, due to my, er, habits, I guess you could call it, I thought myself immune to the darkness. I mean, even if for some reason, one of those tales really scared the shit outta me, it wouldn't really be like I'd sleep well that night anyways. And thus, I accepted the challenge with pride, and walked into the unknown.

Anyways, so that's sorta the topic for tonight. Creepypastas. Do you guys have any memorable ones? Or any stories about them? Or are you confused about what a Creepypasta is? Well, anyways, during my month-long challenge, I ran into quite a few good ones. These are some of my personal favorites, for various reasons.


First up, is the Russian Sleep Experiment:

So, what'd you think? Pretty cool, huh? I love this story ^^ I mean, there's nothing like good ol' fashion experiment stories, right? And, well, maybe I'm just weird like that, but I've always been sorta fond of creepy stuff like this. But anyways, moving on.


Candle Cove:

Can't really say I'm too fond of the voice acting for this one. I sorta read this one the first time, so I guess it also conflicts with the way it sounded in my head. But anyways, it was nice, right? Kinda like that one story where your reflection in a mirror grins at you even though you're not doing that . . . Okie, now for this other one I'm sure Hab might've liked.


Squidward's Suicide:

I gotta admit, the top comment on this video caught me. Hey, I wrote this in the dead of night, alright? Besides, I don't need to explain myself to you guys, hmph. But yea, that one was good, right? Anyways, one more before I start getting into the ones that I totally found unnerving . . .

Now, this one is a bit special to me for two simple reasons. I was sorta helping a friend with a panel on creepypastas, right? So, the room was surprisingly full of people, we had the lights off, and even covered the windows on the doors. The only source of light in the whole room, was my blacklight that I'd brought in specifically for that reason. And well, you know that part where the demon is speaking, and how in the video he has the typical "demon"-y layered voices? Well, when we reached the part when he spoke, guess who got to do the voices? Mhm, me. It was amazing. I mean, throughout the whole panel, I really wasn't in sight. My friend was doing all the narrating, so picture yourself being in this really dark room, with everyone else being tense and silent, hearing this one girl softly narrate the story with an eerily soothing voice, only to have the entire atmosphere of the room be broken by some jackass and his wannabe death metal growls . . . Yea, it was great.


Alrighty, last two for the night. These two are sorta really off-putting for me for a simple reason. I'm sure a few of you guys know that I have a certain fear of aliens and anything vaguely similar to those frail, cold, pale and soulless bastards. And well, the title picture alone in this one can make me lose it, without much effort.

And well, they may or may not have been aliens or whatever, but all I know is, I'd rather not think too much into it, and just move on . . . Now, onto The Rake . . .

I'll be honest, I'm not sure the video I picked out is the correct one. I sorta just saw the guy it was made by, the title, and chose it without really checking. Why? Because fuck no, there's no way I'm doing that right now. I accidentally hit search "The Rake" on image since I was looking for gifs to use without opening another tab, and well, it's not a happy thing. Like, at all. At least for me. I mean, again, I can take as much violence and gore as you're willing to dish out. Demons, ghosts, the dead, all that? Yea, it's "meh" to me. I've fallen asleep to this sort of stuff in the dead of night before, and well, I once suggested to my friend that we should totally go camping at this one cave in Peru where a bunch of creepy mummies were found, just for the lulz. But aliens? Ain't nobody got for that. Hell no . . . So yea. So, what's up?

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