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The Graveyard Shift: Spend All the Money Edition

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Tonight’s Topic: No Pressure, but SERIOUSLY ALL THE PRESSURE

Are you fortunate enough to be part of a culture that expects you to deliver happiness unto others via your checking account each winter? Then come, sit by me and let’s discuss.


Here’s the thing: I love giving gifts to people. Love it. Love the hunt for just the perfect thing, love seeing how happy it makes someone when they open up something that was clearly selected with them in mind. Maximum warm fuzziness. The thing I resent - and I daresay I’m not alone in this - is the compulsory nature of holiday gift-giving and being hit over the head ceaselessly with the BUY ALL OF THE THINGS message for weeks on end.

And then there’s the whole social angle. My god, the social implications. Like, who gets a gift? Family obviously, but just immediate family or extended as well? And what about friends? What if they got something for you and you didn’t get anything for them because you didn’t think you were gift-exchange-level friends? What if you got someone a coffee mug and they got you a $300 blender?? This whole thing is a minefield.

So my question to you is: how do you deal with this stuff? How does your family and/or circle of friends handle gift-giving? Do you feel pressured by all of the above or are the holidays a period of pure joy and light just like in the commercials? And what do you do when you know everyone has wildly different budgets and financial resources? Most importantly, do you ever end up buying stuff for yourself when shopping for others? Come onnnnnnn, you know you’ve been tempted.

Already burnt out on the holidays and don’t even want to think about it? Hey, I feel you, I understand, and I’m here for you. Whether you want to dive into the topic at hand or grace us with whatever randomness is on your mind, the Graveyard Shift is now in session!

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