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Tonight's Shift's... Knowing how it ends.

Something, something called dramatic irony, knowing how a story is going to end(not the real def.), and giving zero fucks. Just how good o'l George did with the Star Wars sequels. You know the kid means well, but OOHHHH boy.... is he gonna carry that weight.

That was the experience with RDR, I knew how the story was going to end, but did not really hit till that particular mission in Mexico. And then everything got sad, as you see Martson just trying to do the right thing(sometimes), and just knowing there will be no way to change the outcome. It did not ruin the game for me, but sometimes it does for some folks, so that brings tonight's off-topic topic...

  • Do spoilers ruin the experience for your games or show, or films? Or you just don't care, and soldier on?

Well whatever the secret ending is, feel free to share whatever you want about games, life, and spoilers below. So.... TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!


"In some other life, then"

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for ruining the ending for you!"