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Many games, though mostly those of the role-playing variety, contain different ways for the developers to expand the lore and possibly drop hints of how to progress in the way of codex entries, datalogs, audio logs, or readable books. I'm the kind of person that reads each and every one of these, but they tend to be mostly filler and so people largely skip over them. But sometimes, you just find one that sticks out to you. Maybe it fills the gap in an important part of the story for you. Maybe it's just a funny read or listen, such the pictured Lusty Argonian Maid from the Elder Scrolls series, or the audio logs from South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Whatever the reason, it sticks out to you, and will be something you remember and discuss with others, or will even have you looking for other entries to complete the story.


So, TAYtans, what are some of your favorite stories to be found within your favorite games? Or do you just skip these kinds of things entirely?

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