I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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This semester, I got what is basically an editing internship. It's really fun and everything, but like most internships, it doesn't pay - because why not, right? Anyways, part of the deal of the internship is that I basically need to go over submissions for stories and see if they're "up to snuff" before I go ahead and approve them for actual review.

It's really cool and I love the idea and everything, but ... I never realized there were so many strange writers out there. I guess with the internet and everything, these sorts of things are more accessible to everyone now, huh? Anyways, so far, I've reviewed a short story written completely in a very thick "Stereotypically Southern" dialect (even during the narration), a trope-ridden Sci-Fi story, and my favorite, an actually decently written but incredibly risqué erotica that takes place in a nursing home.


So, for the "Strange Edition", I want to know what the strangest things you have read or witnessed, fellow TAY'ers. They can be creatively strange, creepily strange (like creepy pastas), or just a very bizarre story, like in Twin Peaks. Just share your experiences and enjoy!

Are you "strangely normal"? Do you avoid strangeness like the plague? Then feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire! The Thursday Graveyard Shift is now open!

Oh, and while I have your attention, be sure to fill out the poll for Game Night rescheduling and attend movie night tonight!

P.S. - I'll be a kind of crappy host tonight, for obvious reasons~.

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