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​The Graveyard Shift - Strange Edition

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Hey everyone, I'm filling in for Nach tonight. Sorry for the late-ish post, I just didn't have as much time as I thought I did to prepare. Either way, there's been some pretty strange and bizarre things happening in the world lately. Some of them are more closely related to gaming, and others... aren't so much.


The world has been acting pretty cray, too. Maybe it's a little too serious of a topic for the shift, but all that junk going on with Israel and Ukraine has been pretty crazy too. I don't know, it just seems like everything is being ridiculously strange lately.

Plus, Kinja is being fickle as ever and didn't let me punctuate my strange topic and let me post with a burner account. Totally not going to say which one, but... dammit, Kinja, you ruin everything. It's being pretty strange too.

Anyways, any strange stories you'd like to share with us, TAYers? Did you eat a thricecream wife? Catch a shiny Pikachu? Talk about it down below.

Did the topic not interest you? Feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Tuesday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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