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The Graveyard Shift: Stuff Edition

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Ahh . . .Crab rangoon. So tasty, so hors d'evours . . . so non-traditional Asian cuisine~ I love it either way~


But damn, whenever I make them, it never tastes like restaurant ones :I

Hi TAY, how are ya? Welcome to my Wednesday Shift. I am your presently-in-class host, TUT, and I'm here to whine at you about my cooking. Does anybody here like breakfast sandwiches? You know, those croissant/english muffin things with sausage, egg, bacon and cheese? Yea, those trashy things? I LOVE them, for some reason, but they never come out as tasty as the ones from a donut place I frequent >.> Or end up as neat and pretty as them either. And well, I guess we all just have that ONE thing we can't cook, but wish we did. For me, it's crab rangoon, which ends up being a soaking mass of grease. And breakfast sandwiches, which end up being messy blobs of stacked meats and egg . . . And I guess it's also my father's pizza, which always ended up killing a little bit of us every time we ate it :I But what about you, TAY? What culinary masterpiece is still a little too high level for you to make?

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