I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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How's everyone doing? I had a super busy day today and yesterday :I Filled with having to run around town getting some stuff ready, booking a rental car and finally coordinating and confirming who's going and where we're going for a roadtrip this Memorial weekend. Yaaaaay. Wooooo. Funnnnn. If it weren't for so many people doing everything last second, and having friends of friends invited, despite only having a 7 people limit, and using most of that space for the stuff we're taking :I



So yea, summer time. Best time to do stuff with friends and family, right? Best time to go out together to the local water park, or maybe barbeque the weekend away, or just hop onto a car and head out to the great outdoors. Nothing like a good roadtrip to test your tolerance levels for people, all confined to a tiny car on a warm, summer day . . . :D Good thing I'll be taking my trusty (*dusty) 3DS with me, though! Gonna finally catch up on some Pokemon after having not touched it since the day I got it >.> Reminds me of when I'd take my Game Boy everywhere on family roadtrips back in the day, and played Spyro, or Pokemon, or that lame 007 game I borrowed from a friend and never gave back . . hehehe . . In my defense, I never got back one of my PS2 memory cards, which had all my Silent Hill and RE and MGS data saved on it :I Friends, man.

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