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The Graveyard Shift *Super Effective Edition - Victory or DEATH!

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But first some Graveyard digs...


Tonight's Shift ... Victory or DEATH!

Hey peeps! Its monday night and the start of finals week as well (or maybe you're done with that noise...). I bet some of you are fighting to finish strong. Victory or DEATH! Seems appropriate enough.

So did I ever mentioned that I enjoy strategy, but aren't the best (or good...) strategist? Well its a love obsession relation with those types of games. And that can go for ant kind of game for you peeps; be fighting, racing, wrestling, shooters, rpgs, ect. Is the love of the game that keeps me going back till I can overrun the AI(picture above Civ3). So you may end up looking up strategies, and guides in how to dominate. Or just come up with your own (button smashing is always a good strategy).

So peeps are there any games you keep going back to, after all these years. Because they are hard and fun to master? Games that you just had to beat because that AI with his smug face was just begging for a loose tooth? You know those games that kept you up at night, and still do, but you're its master now.


Anyways feel free to brush me off, and talk about how you're surviving this week(is it raisin rum?). Or share your glories gaming achievement you conquered during the weekend. Either way...TALKS AMONGST YOURSELVES!

One of those games with a message..

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, worrying about your finals , that last paper, nervous breakdowns, and tears of joy when you pass!

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