I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A snowy Graveyard dig...

Tonight's Shift... Still Winter

Hey everyone! Whether we want it or not, winter will run till sometime in March, in the northern hemisphere. Unless we can bribe that groundhog end it earlier... >_> But until then be sure to stay cozy. And to test your survival skillz; Do you remember at what temperature water freezes? In both Celsius, and Fahrenheit?


While you try to remember, and totally don't use the power of the internet, I'll ramble on about a very short winter story that's spoily...

It involves a loving Vader who had involuntary manslaughter his wife, and unknowingly lost his children a long time ago. Consumed by grief, and mostly rage, that he enjoyed to take it out on his incompetent staff. Decided to engross himself with giant celestial body annihilators for a couple of years.


It wasn't till the annihilator got destroyed, and a few lives where lost, and was lost in space for gawd knows how long that he had time to think. That's when he found a new purpose than doom devices. He was gonna chop those punks up, especially the scruffy looking one.

A couple years later, and some comedic wild goose chases later Vader got his opportunity after utterly crushing the rebels winter's timeshare. But to his surprise it ended up being his son and daughter, and with a confusion of mixed feelings; love, rage, and disciplinary daddy issues. He did what any father would and chopped the dude's hand off, and probably regretted it...


Vader realized that life might be more than just planet size Death Spheres, black capes, and choking the interns. Maybe it could be like it used to...unfortunately his son, Luke did not agree, and fell into the abyss of the garbage disposal shaft. Vader knew he had fucked up, and it could never be like it used to...


Oh if you are wondering on a topic besides survival winter skills, then how about movies that are about survival or take place in winter? No? Well whatever your choice, feel free to ignore the above, and talk about life in the North or your cool gaming skills. Soooo Talk Amongst Yourselves!

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night chills, worrying about snow monsters, frostbite, not being cool, and being given the cold shoulder!

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