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Last Saturday Nintendo hosted an event at select Best Buy across the country, to my understanding the event was to get a special Eiji Aonuma Mii as a streetpass event. To be honest with you guys I was not interested in getting out of my house and drive down to BB. But it turns out I had to go out and do some groceries, so I told myself "You might as well go to the Best Buy across the store, anyway"


I arrived at the show-floor and opened up my 3DS waiting for that green light to turn on. Waited for a couple of minutes and... nothing. Checked out the Nintendo Zone app... nothing. So I decided to walk around the store while checking my phone for any updates on how the distribution was supposed to work.

Turns out that the event was being hosted by the Nintendo Rep of the area to promote the New Nintendo 3DS. And to my surprise they were giving a bunch of free swag! I approached the table and immediately recognized the guy hosting the event, since we already bumped into each other a week earlier when I was picking up my Dedede Amiibos at Gamestop. We talked for ten minutes or so and he told me to take as many of the items from the table as I wanted.


I came back home with:

  • Two Majora's Masks Cutouts.
  • Two Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Coloring Books and Crayons.
  • Five Codename STEAM Character Profile Cards.
  • Two Super Smash Bros. Stickers
  • and one super sweet map of the Hoenn region.

Also I forgot to buy the bread...

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