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Hey everyone! It's Wednesday night! We're halfway through the month now, and the year's almost over. Crazy how fast time goes by, huh? I still remember what I was doing around this time last year, almost to the most basic detail. It feels as if it was just yesterday, actually.

It was a cold October night. I think the 7th or 8th of last year. It was actually cold enough that I regretted not taking a jacket with me, since I'd have to stand outside at an event for a good while. After that was over, I drove one of my friends home, and stuck around for a while. We watched a bit of Futurama, and then I went back home. It's funny because we watched the Anthology Of Interest, specifically the one where the Space Invaders scene pops up. And I remember thinking about Fry's line "I never managed to beat the final row. I always had my brother do it for me". That night, after returning home, I got out my Game Boy Advanced, and started playing Super Mario World. Why? Because, I never did finish it. I had one of my cousins do one of the worlds for me, since I never managed to take it on by myself, ever. And I thought "Well, this is a different me now. Things have changed. No longer am I that helpless punk of yore".

And so, I thought about my brother, and how I always had to pass the Forest Temple for him, or maybe help him fight a boss in some Resident Evil game, or how he could never beat me at Double Dash. And well, I guess it's just one of those things that happen in every family. There's always that one boss, fight, world, item or something that you either had to help out with, or had someone do for you . . . Unless you're an only child. In which case, I don't know what to tell you. So here, have this cupcake instead, as a consolation prize.

Trust me, I'd trade my brother for a cupcake any day! :D

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