I'm really feeling it!

The sky blackens, and fog begins to pour over the gravestones beside you. Wait...Gravestones? How'd you get into a graveyard? It doesn't matter, as you suddenly notice a solitary black figure approach. He reaches out a skeletal hand towards you, and bellows

"Welcome to The Graveyard Shift, with your resident Wednesday night host, JB!"

Cue the spooky theme music

How does the night find you, boils and ghouls? Tonight's topic, submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society, is enemy theme music. This doesn't have to pertain to just games, movies and television are both good at giving the arch villain of the show their very own theme to be played when they appear. What are some of your favorites?


Talk about this and more, or anything else you want in the comments below!

The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, or the fact you can't get that damn song out of your head. Head to TAYClassic to post any random musings you may have that you don't want to discuss here in The Graveyard. Remember to tag your posts tayclassic to have it show up there!

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