I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey everyone, AlmightyDuke here! Welcome to the Graveyard Shift, the nightly chat space on Talk Amongst Yourselves, Kotaku’s reader-run blog, where you can talk about all the nerd culture you want. Whether you’re a long time TAY member or a newbie trying to say hello, take some time to introduce yourself.


Tonight’s topic: Your Inner Bro!

I don’t think I’ve written or said the word Bro, as much as I have today. Broforce has had just that much of an impact on my sense of puns and humor that I tried to pun as hard as I could coming up with more ways to use the word Bro. Brostorming for ideas eventually lead to creating so many different brosinalities.

Considering this was my status with the Division this morning:


I put my Brostorming to use. Broforce with it’s drop-in/drop-out nature, makes it perfect for the person waiting for downloading games. Getting to the final Bro in the game, Leon the Brofessional, takes a lot of bro rescuing. Unless one dies a lot, you won’t get him in a single playthrough.

This weekend I’m definitely getting in touch with my inner bro. Celebrating another year on this planet of ours, brings out the party bro in us all!


How do you project your inner bro? Who is your go to video game bro? Favourite Bro of the Broforce?

You all bro’ed out? Are you not feeling the inner bro? Then talk amongst yourselves, the Graveyard Shift is open!


Soundtracks of the night: Bro Party Mix!

LMFAO -Sexy and I Know It

Dillinger - Real American

John Cena - Bad, Bad, Man

The A-Team Theme:

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