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The Graveyard Shift: The Flesh Prevails Edition

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'Sup, TAYters. Guess I'm back from my week-long trip towards nothingness. And by that I mean, I was at Summer Slaughter last weekend, and totally was busy for the remainder of the week while trying to get my fall semester shit going. Yepp. Just in time for Fallujah's masterpiece release . . . The Flesh Prevails~


Anyways, now that my shameless band ad is over, may as well talk about something, right?

Ran into this today, and just like the rest of the internet, I thought "Holy Jesus, those things are gorgeous. I'll take 20". And this got me thinking . . . You know those Coke bottles I have from that one big crate of soda I picked up? I planned on using a few to make Coke-themed drink glasses, and then started thinking of all sorts of dumb artsy things I could do. So, TAY, what about you peeps? Ever done cool, crafty things with leftover parts or scraps from things?

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