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Alright, TAY, I have a confession to make: I'm incredibly excited for Grand Theft Auto: Online. Way more excited than I should be. The thing is ... as an avid fan of the series (maybe not all of it's sequels, but the series as a whole) I've always wanted a Grand Theft Auto multiplayer game, and this one looks incredible. Sure, GTA4 was a game with multiplayer, but the entire game felt ... too clunky and strange to me, and while there were mods made for the other PC versions, it just wasn't the same as a proper multiplayer game.

But now Grand Theft Auto: Online is coming out! I'm finally getting that one game I wanted multiplayer for! Well ... kind of. I mean, it wasn't the only game I wanted multiplayer for when I was growing up. There were plenty of others.

I used to watch my older brother play Star Fox on the SNES when I was really young. There were a few multiplayer games that we had on that system, so I got the idea that most games on the platform were multiplayer and kept asking if I could play with him. Some days he would ignore me, some days he would say no, but one day he finally said yes. He gave me a controller, started the game again, and let me know that I was finally playing with him - I was just off-screen. But I got to keep those other enemies who were also off-screen off of my big brother, so I was content.


Anyway, when I figured out that I wasn't actually helping I was heartbroken, but I still wanted a Star Fox multiplayer/co-op game. Star Fox 64 was the closest I got to that, and I was pretty happy when I finally managed to get a hold of it. I even managed to talk my brother into playing it with me a few times.


What about all of you, late night TAY'ers? Was there any game that you were dying to have a multiplayer/co-op version of? Did you ever get it in the form of a sequel or a mod? Were you happy with what you got, or was it not what you had hoped?

Did the topic not interest you? Maybe you always want to game alone? Well then, feel free to use this to talk about your day, share some interesting news, or whatever else you desire! The Thursday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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