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The Graveyard Shift: The Quest for the Elusive Mew

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Good evening! I'm gonna cut to the chase and say... I'm glad April Fools' is almost over... Being cut away from the internet and wondering if what I'm reading is true or not ain't fun... like for example earlier this morning I notice GBD posted a piece of news announcing the release of the Mother series collection, me as an avid fan wondered why didn't know of this before, plus why would our Overlord (who we all know has some connections whit the upper echelon with the peeps at Nintendo) is the one breaking the news... then I remembered, it's April 1st =/

There's no round up for today... >.< Instead take a look at this beauty...

That is the Reddit thread for the search of Mew in Google Maps, people for the last 24+ hours have been pinpointing the coordinates of the reported sightings of the No. 151 pokémon, and as of 8.30PM there have been 8 locations around the Amazon Jungle, Bermuda Triangle.... and Tokyo, I thought, oh well it won't hurt anyone to enter a couple of coordinates... after 30 minutes of scrolling through the list of places I gave up and said to myself "well this reminds me back in the day when Pokémon B/R/G came out... and people were claiming of the many workarounds to catch Mew..." It's like 1998 all over again... and people are still being played by silly pranks, it's funny that with the technology we have on our hands we still can't debunk rumours like this one...

I'll stick to my carrier pigeons for news on days like these..."

My question is... what is your favourite April Fools' Day prank you've seen in the last decade or so?


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