I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hoo boy! It is my turn now! And I kinda forgot it was my turn to cover for the GS, but don't believe the conspiracies.


Anyway, tomorrow is the best day to be a fool. I mean if only half of the jokes that the gaming media produces tomorrow would be real, it'd be the greatest industry ever! Bleh to add more wood to the fire, Nintendo decided to host a Nintendo Direct tomorrow morning, can I really trust those donks to tell the truth? I mean if they announce Mother 3 tomorrow, then is it real, or just a fantasy?

Anyway let's talk about April Fools' Day. What's your favorite prank from the last few years?

Mine was the Google Maps one where they announced a Google Maps for the NES. I was so happy to check the world in all its 8-bit glory. That was until last year, The Google Map Pokémon Challenge may have been the April Fools' joke ever!! Sadly I missed out on receiving my Pokemon Master Business Card...

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