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Some GS digs...

Tonight's Shift's... Eventually

Been meaning to get around to get the Zone of Enders HD for a while now, and... I just don't feel like it.


Even though I already played through a portion of the first installment and got stuck a few years back. And even went on to watch the prequel movie, in which citizens of Mars are just like a bag of jelly beams, get pushed around by jock Earth scum, and one guy gets tired of it, and does something crazy. It also becomes extremely clear a wedgie would kill them. But in all they were enjoyable experiences, so dummo mangs.

  • So just to be quick about it, Any games, films, TVshows you been meaning to get around to, but just haven't gotten in the mood? Or just all work and no play make yous a dull boy/girl?

Well whatever it is, feel free to share whatever you want about games, life, drama, action!, or what your heart desires below. So... TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!


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