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It's becoming more and more obvious that a lot of us here are excited for some of the multiplayer-centric titles that are coming out later this year. Games like Destiny, Super Smash Brothers, and Fantasy Life have everyone excited and filled with the hopes of many fun memories to come. If last year's clamor around Animal Crossing: New Leaf is anything to judge the multiplayer goodness of this community, I think we're going to be in for one crazy fall.


I'm actually beginning to come to grips that I'm not very much of a single-player gamer anymore. I'm not going to run off and go get into competitive gaming anytime soon or anything, but sometimes I almost feel... lonely if I'm not experiencing a game with someone. I think that's part of the reason I was having so much fun with Destiny over the weekend. Frankly, it wasn't anything new—it was pretty much all something we've seen before, but it was incredible to get to experience that story with other people, even if they were just some random players you'd only see in passing.

Not only that, but it feels like I'm not wasting as much time if I'm playing something with other people because it's just another form of socializing, and in a sense, those memories of playing make the time seem more tangible and real when they're with people other than just myself. It's those little stories that you can drag around with you and your friends even after the game that make it all worth it.

As an example, I was playing Super Smash Bros. Melee with some friends the other day and I was doing absolutely terrible. I'll be that salty person and just completely blame it on the controller—not that it wasn't working, but it felt so weird to hold a GCN controller again; it was almost like I had never picked one up before.


After maybe five games, I finally was in a position to win. I was laming it out with projectiles as Samus, trying hard to keep away while dealing damage to make up for the one-stock deficit I had to my Donkey Kong-playing friend. I killed him once already, and finally moved in for the finishing blow, having our final fight at the tail-end of the Great Fox. We kept dodging and trying to punch one another, both of us hovering around 150% damage. Luckily, somewhere along the line he jumped, and as he was coming down I did a strong upper to send him flying into the top of the screen. What I didn't realize was that he had dropped a shell during his descent, which bounced off of the back of the tail and hit me, sending me flying to the left of the screen. Just moments before his final stock was eaten away by the "flying into the background" animation, I died by going out of bounds to the right.


For the rest of that day, I refused to let get any of the shells from item boxes.

If you haven't guessed it yet, TAY, the theme of tonight's article is all about "multiplayer." Tell us about your experiences with it! Do you have any cool multiplayer stories to share? Maybe you steer clear of multiplayer gaming and prefer to play around solo? Talk about it down below!


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