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The Graveyard Shift *Tokens Edition - We Don't Negotiate With...

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But first some Graveyard digs...

Tonight's Shift...We Don't Negotiate With...

Well, how has the week started for you guys? Smooth sailing? Running? Or just flat on you face... >.>

So was just thinking on the current gen, and the motion controls that where developed to go along. Then for some reason, the old arcades games came to mind. When was the last time I inserted a quarter into one of those? Or the first time?

Oh, it was the imp thingy, and not the neck.....( ._.)

The first arcade machine to take my money was an old game at a small food mart. It was Galaga, and this was when everyone had an N64 (I had a NES). Wow it has been a while since I played one of those....And my favorite is Time Crisis 3, because we don't negotiate with terrorst...


Now they are available online or through any console market space. But to find an arcade place still open now? Sure. It just fun to go in play some air hockey, and just see who takes on DDR or those modern arcade that move like crazy with the G-forces.

So many memories, loose change, and gum....Any favorite arcade quarter eating game you just loved? Or home version? Well, whatever your response, feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about life, other games news, and what ever your dark, zinc, metallic gear hearts desires. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!



The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, gum on your shoe, greasy controls, lack of coins, and ranking dead last.

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